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Can Medical Insurance Really Help Pay for Dental Implants?

Can Health Insurance Help Cover Dental Implants?

Dental implants may be covered by health insurance when you can prove that the treatment is medically necessary. Qualifying services are “appropriate to the evaluation and treatment of a disease, condition, illness, or injury and are consistent with the applicable standard of care.”

Medically Necessary Reasons

Patients with medically necessary reasons may be able get their health insurance to pay some or most of their dental implant expenses – excluding deductibles, copayments, etc.

The cost of full-mouth implants with insurance could be the lowest for patients fitting into any one of these categories.

1. Prevent further bone atrophy caused by diseases such as diabetes, digestive disorders, or osteoporosis

2. Restore chewing function after a non-biting accident fractures the jaw and dislodges teeth

3. Replace teeth extracted before radiation treatment for cancers of the head, neck, and jawbone

4. Lack of dentition worsens digestive disorders such as gastric reflux disease or ulcerative colitis

5. Prescription drugs covered by the plan caused dry mouth and decay leading to tooth loss

a. Antacids

b. Antihistamines & decongestants

c. Blood pressure medications

d. Antidepressants is a medical/dental insurance billing service for people who need medically necessary dental treatment. We act as the patient's advocate with the insurance company to help get the maximum benefit. If you need expensive dental treatment or if you have paid for your treatment, you may qualify for a reimbursement. Get the most out of your Medical and Dental Insurance with WE HELP YOU GET YOUR SMILE MONEY!! 🤑😁💚💲💲💲



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