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Our Services

Initial Consultation

In-Office Medical Billing

Jump start your in-office medical billing  practice.

Basic training and printable instructions that include:

*How to establish medical necessity

*How to write SOAP Notes

and more...

Insuring Your Smile

A Free Patient's Guide to Navigating Insurance Reimbursement

*get tips to help navigate the complex insurance process

Initial Set-Up

Initial set-up, document gathering, CAQH set-up and strategy

Patient Advocate Service

Get personalized assistance from one of our medical billing specialists.

We will act as your patient advocate to help through the entire process from verification to reimbursement

Speaking Engagements

Discover the transformative impact of integrating medical insurance billing into your practice, unlocking new avenues for patient care and revenue growth. Learn how to enhance case acceptance and provide comprehensive support for patients with chronic medical issues.


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