Are you going without the dental treatment you need because of the cost?

You May Qualify for Medical Insurance Benefits.

Have you paid out-of-pocket for expensive dental treatment?

You May Qualify for Medical Insurance Reimbursement.


Too many people go without the dental care they need due to high out-of-pocket expenses. 

What if I told you that many Medical Insurance Companies are accepting more dental procedures as medically necessary?

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What's Covered

Dental Procedures that may be covered by Medical Insurance


  • Dental Implants

  •  Bone grafts

  • Oral infections

  • 3rd molars or wisdom teeth extraction

  • Accidents to teeth

  • TMJ appliances and headache treatment

  • Sleep apnea appliances (Dental Sleep Medicine)

  • Botox Injections for bruxism and jaw pain

  • Frenectomy/tongue tie for children

  • Biopsies

  • Clearance exams before chemotherapy or surgery

  • Mucositis and stomatitis (from chemotherapy and other treatments) 

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