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My Story~ My Why~ My Mom


I guess I have always considered our smile to be one of our greatest possessions in life. My mom did not have an easy life, but she ALWAYS  HAD A SMILE!

Several years ago my beautiful mother lost her smile.  After investing thousands of dollars in root canals, crowns, bridges, countless hours in the dental chair... it all broke down again.

She was left with pain, embarrassment and missing teeth. 

I had been in the dental field for several years and I suggested we look into implants.  They are a great, permanent solution that look and feel natural.  It would be a great option.

You could not imagine the gut wrenching feeling to discover full mouth reconstruction with dental implants could cost $60,000. 

My parents were retired, they could not afford it. She chose a treatment option that left her in worse shape than she started.

It is absolutely devastating  to watch someone you love loose their confidence, their ability to chew properly and nourish themselves because they cannot afford the treatment they need.

Finally!! More medical insurance companies are recognizing a few dental procedures as medically necessary.  I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible restore their health, their smiles and their lives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 With Love


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